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Feb 8, 2010
northeast ohio
I am having a problem with local hd channels pixilizing and goes out in bad weather searching for signal 002 the signal strength is only 68 percent on 119 and 55 on 129 dish say this is ok since its locked,i used to install for dish a couple of years ago and if i left a install like that it would be a comeback. They said the signal numbers have changed since then which i think is a load can someone verify this. They want to charge to come out to reposition the dish i am tired of the run around
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Jun 15, 2010
Could be a dish problem, have you checked F-type connectors? Also, need to check SD programming, is it constant? If AZ and EL corrections dont correct issues, check Pol. issues. Also in play here are cable lengths, if over 250 ft., would probably need to run RG-11, though RG-6 is really good for about 300 ft. I've run as much as 500 ft. RG-6 on simple SCPC links. If Connectors are good, probable pointing issue, try "slight" tweeks to the east and west (1/4" or less movement and mark your position before you move it), if that does not work, again mark your position and try the same with El. These antenna's do not lock up properly so watch the signal level when you tighten the bolts, BIG difference when you tighten it up to what you have when it's loosely pointed. Remember, HD signals contain more information, therefore a better quality of signal is required, this is your issue.

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