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Operator of nation's first cable system to utilize Gigabit Ethernet networking for local advertising and for service reliability

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- BigBand Networks, Inc., a leading provider of broadband multimedia infrastructure for video, voice and data, today announced that Service Electric Cablevision, a subsidiary of the most experienced and fifteenth largest U.S. cable television operator, plans to launch digital simulcasting based on the BigBand BMR1200(R) (Broadband Multimedia-Service Router). Digital simulcasting is designed to achieve all-digital offerings by carrying both digital and analog versions of basic programming. Service Electric plans to utilize Gigabit Ethernet networking in this deployment as an efficient transport platform for all content among three Pennsylvania systems, and as a foundation for additional functionality such as local advertising insertion and enhanced service reliability through headend redundancy.

"Service Electric has a long history of delivering high quality services to our subscribers, and working with BigBand Networks extends this record by enhancing our network efficiency, functionality and reliability," said Jim Dorsa, director of engineering for Service Electric Cablevision. "After considering multiple options for enhancing our network and services, we selected the BigBand BMR because its unique versatility allows us to meet all of our requirements for reliable service, efficient transport, and business growth through local advertising functionality."

The deployment plans are to connect multiple Service Electric systems, including two primary headend facilities. The BigBand BMR is designed to convert content to Gigabit Ethernet for transport, perform de-jittering to assure video quality after transport, and detect availability and quality of content in order to automatically switch to an alternative source when necessary. Also, Service Electric intends to consolidate digital ad servers and transport advertisements to edge-based BMRs that would perform splicing based on the SCTE 30 and SCTE 35 standards. Because digital simulcasting is designed to encode analog content at headends and decode at network edges, the redundant Gigabit Ethernet transport and digital ad insertion functionality could be extended to all programming carried by Service Electric.

"Selecting the versatile BigBand BMR platform and adopting Gigabit Ethernet technologies allows Service Electric to build on its long-term record of servicing customers effectively through advanced technologies," said Pirjo Tuomi, senior vice president of worldwide sales for BigBand Networks. "By leveraging the BigBand Digital Simulcast solution, Service Electric is well-positioned to take advantage of further revenue enhancement and network efficiency opportunities, as services are scaled up in the future."

Service Electric has served subscribers since 1948, making the operator the oldest cable television provider in the country. Service Electric's offering to its subscribers has grown considerably from a starting point of three analog channels delivered with better reception to subscribers located near its Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania system. The operator now offers analog, digital, high definition and music programming, as well as high-speed Internet and telephone services.

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