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Apr 18, 2005
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Siemens Communications, which makes telecommunications equipment, and Time Warner Cable, a broadband provider, announced Tuesday that they are testing new technology that will integrate broadband, cellular and Wi-Fi services.

Using a set of new standards called the Internet protocol multimedia subsystem or IMS, Siemens and Time Warner Cable demonstrated several ways in which cellular networks and IP-based broadband or Wi-Fi networks could be set up to provide seamless access for users.

One demonstration let a gamer on a PC, connected to the Internet via broadband, play against a competitor using a cell phone. The two companies also demonstrated dual-mode handsets, which allow users to roam between cellular and Wi-Fi coverage areas seamlessly.

The convergence of cellular technology with Wi-Fi and broadband will become more important in the future as users demand more mobility and better coverage for their Internet-connected devices.

Time Warner Cable and Siemens have not said when they plan to turn any of these tests into actual services and products. But it's clear that Time Warner Cable hopes to offer some sort of integrated product in the next couple of years.

The cable operator, along with three other cable companies, is already working with Sprint Nextel to develop new applications that integrate cellular and broadband networks.

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