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Mar 14, 2004
I was setup with a dish500 system currently and was subscribed to the HD pack and dish 120 pack. (I guess that was satellite 110 and 119).

I called dish to subscribe to an international channel thats from 121.
Dish said they would install a superdish, and they did. but the technicians didn't take down the dish 500 system saying that they need it to be there.

With the superdish by itself, can't I get 110,119 and 121?
I think they were too lazy to take down the existing dish.

They also installed a DP34 switch, which they didnt even ground properly.
They tied it with a cable tie to an existing grounded connector.

Also, my signal on 121 comes in around 70-75. Although I don't see any breakups on the channels, is that signal level I can expect?
Superdish is a bigger dish 500 with one of the side lnb things off to one of the side. you shouldn't need the old dish 500 unless the did something stupid like only hooking up the 121.

i believe 70 - 75 is actually pretty good for 121.
Unsure about the signal... for 105 standards it's good. Looks like the installer was lazy, used your existing dish and used the superdish for 121 only, making it a 2-dish system. The 34 doesn't need to be grounded, as long as you're grounded somewhere.
I guess he used the superdish for 121 only.

If I do a checkswitch on my 811

I took pictures of the checkswitch screen and the grounding if anyone wants to see.

what is the difference between TWIN and FEED?

the switch doesn't need to be grounded?
the way it is now shouldnt be of concern?



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Yep, you should, you're not grounded.. maybe by osmosis, but that's it.

Just take the green ground wire and move it over to your SW34.

As for the two dishes.. if you don't mind, then I say leave it. If you want one down, call dish and have them take it down, and set the superdish up correctly.

It works, but it defeats the whole purpose of the superdish's 3 LNBF's.
I'm curious as to why that ground wire is going up instead of down - towards the ground. Is the wire really grounded?

As for the 2-dish question, if it were me, I'd start using the 110/119 LNBFs on the SuperDish, and have a complete Dish500 setup "in my pocket". They ARE worth money.

And yes, 70-75 for 105/121 is fine - they are lower-power birds, and also use a different frequency band, so it's not apples to apples vs. the other 4 Dish birds.

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