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Jul 28, 2006
Paradise, CA
I upgraded my RV receiver to HD a few months ago and the tech that came out to "install" the new portable dish showed me your app. At the time it was "... since I don't have, nor anticipate having, a smartphone, that's cool but...".

Well, DW got a smartphone (HTC Incredible 2) last week and I installed DishpointerPro yesterday.

I fully expect to more easily find the satellites when we RV. THAT is why I bought the app. Before, I was mentally preparing to buy a digital meter for a couple of hundred $$.

But checking yesterday afternoon on our home dish, I learned I've been trimming the wrong trees (we've had Dish for ~15 years and live in a forest). No wonder I haven't been seeing increases in signal strength after removing what I thought were the problem branches.

Easy app to use as long as the phone is kept a few feet from the dish so the compass reads correctly.

Thanks Alan.


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