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AKRON, Ohio -- Time Warner Cable Business Class today introduces The new fully managed network security service from Time Warner Cable Business Class combines all the features of a Virtual Private Network and firewall for secure transmission and storage of sensitive data officials reported earlier today. The network allows transmission of sensitive files between home and office, between headquarters and branch office sites.

Time Warner Cable Business Class utilizes award-winning SonicWALL firewall device as the VPN component of the offering. Additional managed network security services incude deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spyware and content filtering. High speed connectivity coupled with a managed network security service allows communication with corporate resources, while maintaining a high degree of safety and security. Unlike point-to-point or frame relay private networks, the model includes a direct Internet connection, saving cost.

Time Warner Cable Business Class focuses exclusively on business and government communications solutions. The company recently re-branded to reflect a comprehensive suite of business communication tools, expanding from Road Runner Business Class to Time Warner Cable Business Class.

Time Warner Cable Business Class, a service of Time Warner Cable, is available in 27 states. Time Warner Cable is the largest cable operator in Ohio, serving northeast Ohio, Greater Columbus, Greater Cincinnati, and western Ohio. Time Warner Cable is a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.


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