"Treasures for Troops" is going well in Ionia County!


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Oct 13, 2007
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We're now in day number 3 of broadcasting in Ionia County, and "Treasures for Troops" is going well! Monday took us to the Muir Village Market, where we nearly filled the back of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, donated for use by Berger Motor Sales, Ionia! We use the truck for both the hauling, and the FANTASTIC wifi it provides!

Day number two was at the Portland VFW hall, with help from Penny Beeman and Bill Lynch, since Jim Carlyle's got the winter "crud" and doesn't want to either spread it or make it worse! Penny did a GREAT job hosting and Bill's help was very much needed and we thank them both! Portland: You did well!

The rest of the week includes today at Lake Odessa, Thursday in Belding at Millie's Family Restaurant, and Friday in Downtown Ionia, beginning at noon from the Lamplight Grill.

The Blue Star Mothers will package everything we collect, and seeing that boxes are mailed for delivery before Christmas!

Thank you notes are also welcomed, and can even be typed, pdf'd or e-mailed to us, and we'll put them in the items being sent! Some examples are here and on our site, or a simple note just scanned and sent to us will also get there! If you send one to us electronically, use "office@i1430.com" and put "THANK YOU NOTE" in the subject line.

Thank you, Ionia County for all you're doing!
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