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Time Warner Cable is deep into the integration process of its pending joint acquisition of Adelphia Communications Corp., and offered analysts and investors a closer look at one of the largest parts of that purchase — the Los Angeles market — at an investor conference in New York last week.

Time Warner Cable already has about 350,000 subscribers in Los Angeles. With the addition of 1 million subscribers from Adelphia and another 750,000 from Comcast Corp. (its partner in the Adelphia purchase), Time Warner Cable will control about 75% of the Los Angeles footprint with 2 million customers. Charter Communications Inc. and Cox Communications Inc. control the other 25%.

Los Angeles presents a particular problem in that it has the highest penetration of direct-broadcast satellite customers in the country (28%, versus the 23% national average) and one of the highest digital subscriber line penetrations in the country at 30%. Voice-over-Internet protocol telephony is virtually nonexistent, save for Time Warner Cable customers.

Executive vice president for the Los Angeles region Roger Keating said being able to finally consolidate the market presents a huge opportunity. Aside from the ability to expand high-speed Internet and digital-phone offerings, there are opportunities to recapture video customers, particularly by offering ethnic channels and tiers.

Keating said that about a third of the homes in Los Angeles are Hispanic and half of those homes are Spanish-dominant. Time Warner Cable plans to address that segment by offering more robust Spanish-language programming, including on-demand Spanish-language content.

“We think we can win many of them back,” Keating said.

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