Verizon and Comcast Square Off Over Cable Competition in Pa. (1 Viewer)


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Apr 18, 2005
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Two communications titans squared off over cable competition during a hearing before Pennsylvania lawmakers Tuesday.

Representatives of Verizon told the House Republican Policy Committee that the company is negotiating cable franchise agreements in dozens of municipalities, and that new statewide rules for franchises would speed up the process and the arrival of competition.

But David Breidinger of Comcast says telephone companies want to change the rules because they did not invest in their systems:

“And today, you now have a Verizon, an AT&T – SBC, Quest and others wanting to get special favors for that bad business decision.”

Chester County House Republican Robert Flick didn’t care for the implication that lawmakers were considering ‘special deals’:

“I think it’s an affront to any of my colleagues who that are seated here. We are going to be representing the consumers.”

Flick said lawmakers will consider the issue fairly.

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