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Apr 18, 2005
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TAMPA - Verizon Communications Inc. is nearing a significant victory in its drive to sell cable TV service in the area. The company has come to an agreement with the city of Tampa to provide video service over the company's high-speed fiber-optic data lines in the city.

The franchise deal, between New York-based Verizon and attorneys for Tampa, would give more than 300,000 city residents a choice in cable television besides Bright House Networks, which has dominated the local cable TV market for decades.

Verizon won a similar deal with Hillsborough County in February, so this potential city deal would give Verizon access to sell a combination voice, Internet and video service to the bulk of Hillsborough County's population.

Verizon's Tampa deal is scheduled for a city council vote, potentially May 11. Some details will come before the council as soon as April 27 as the city revises its cable ordinance.

Some final contract details are in negotiation, said Verizon spokesman Bob Elek, though Verizon has been building fiber-optic lines in the city in anticipation of this deal and has digital equipment in place to sell video to about 38,000 city residents.

With the arrangement, Verizon will pay the city $1 million up front, then 65 cents per subscriber per month to assist with city costs for data links among municipal buildings, plus management of six public, education and access channels on the Verizon network, said City Attorney David Smith.

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