WABC-TV Pulls Signal From Cablevision In Retrans Dispute (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 11, 2004
It looks like Cablevision video customers are going to have a find a different way to watch the...

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SatelliteGuys Pro
This whole business of "free to air" groups who own television stations that use the PUBLIC AIR WAVES demanding gross fees from cable and satellite operators is going to push fees so high that the public is going to completely abandon both cable and satellite companies as their source of home entertainment.

Damn the installed miles of cable infrastructure!

Damn the investment in satellites!

If the public can no longer afford to pay to line the pockets of giant, multi-million dollar corporations because of the ever increasing fees of what was previously free - and paid for by commercials, then all of them will loose their investments because of their greed and internal corruption.

Between the fact that one major sportscaster gets $4.50 per subscriber on almost every facility which carries them; the fact that other cable / satellite entertainment providers are wanting similar fees to line their pockets and "compete" with huge, motion-picture-studio pre-60's era style production budgets - ala MGM and Warner Brothers in their hey-day; and the fact that the local stations are now holding the public hostage in all markets, not just New York City, with their insatiable appetite for greed, this is quickly becomming a non-sustainable model which the public will soon abandon!




Tell them you are sick and tired of paying for something that uses PUBLIC AIR WAVES to provide FREE, ADVERTISING BASED PROGRAMMING - advertising that takes up as much as 30% of each broadcast hour - so LOCAL STATIONS can line their pockets as they pull their public service programming, which they are mandated to carry by law, off the air and, with the rare exception of programming like the Oscars, fill cable and satellite provider's equipment with garbage not fit for the local dump.
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