Wednesday Wake Up Call Trivia Question...Oct 15


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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Good Morning, WION Early Risers! (and satelliteguys members!)

We have a new "Wake Up Call" today, but bear with us as our phones are STILL not right (though Charter tried yesterday...)...

"IN 14TH CENTURY ENGLAND, 2/3 OF ALL MALES HAD SOMETHING IN COMMON, WHAT WAS IT THE MAJORITY SHARED?" The proper answer wins a Burger of the Week from the Lamplight Grill in Ionia, and a pair of tickets to the Buckaroo Ball on November 1st at the Ionia Theatre.

Answer here, chime in to or be patient, one of our phone lines STILL delivers a busy signal to callers. Let's hear from YOU!

(Calling from far away? You can opt to win a $10 gift certificate from AMAZON DOT COM!)

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