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  1. Charles Osgood spoke of the history of the personal computer today on his first report.

    Made me think of MY first computer. A Timex Sinclair 1000. Had 2K Ram memory, black and white output only (even if on a color TV.) I was in college at the time, learning the computer language called "Fortran 77"...before I decided computer language and math were not my strong points.

    What was YOUR first computer.....or, if you can also remember...what was your FIRST EVER INTERNET SEARCH? Fun to think back.....Let's hear from YOU!

  3. Commodore 64, then a 128...
  4. Commodore VIC 20 then an IBM PC Jr
  5. Mine was an Atari 400

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  6. Atari 800 then an Atari 130XE.
    First x86 machine was one I built, around 1992...486SX 25MHz, 1M of Ram. 40Meg HDD.
    Started off with DOS, but finally decided to install Windows 3.1.

    First Internet search was most likely something to do with Ham Radio.
  7. I had in order a Sinclair ZX81, Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, commodore Amiga. That was all in England.

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  8. Trash 80

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