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Oct 13, 2007
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After much thought and weighing the options, it has been decided that WION will be remaining a CBS news affiliate, and continue to bring you newscasts at the top of each hour. CBS and it's former distributor, (Westwood One) are to separate on January 1st, CBS doing it's own distribution to stations. While Jim Carlyle had explored other options, it was decided that you, our listeners KNOW the CBS radio anchors, and are familiar with the reliability of the CBS name. By remaining an affiliate, we support CBS as a network and their people as well.

Our history of network affiliation includes CBS when we launched in 2004. We were Fox for awhile during the time when Westwood One began distributing CBS, as they did not want the smaller markets. At that time, we went with (then the new) Fox Radio News, but after a year, on contract renewal FOX wanted us to PAY to put them on WION, so we chose CNN radio news. It wasn't too long after that CNN radio news disbanded and we returned to CBS where we've been for around a decade.

In a nutshell, sometimes decisions in radio involve more than just content, but delivery, cost, and whom you are supporting. We believe that CBS brings credible delivery of news, as ALL networks are covering topics that continue to become uglier by the day. As much as we all tire of certain news topics over which the networks have no control..our responsibility to have credible news needed to be answered, and CBS will continue to fit that need, as we all adapt to hearing its newer opening "sound" which still carries the powerful credentials of CBS.

This was no small decision...and Jim Carlyle had shared some of WION's options with you on the air, The decision having been made, we look forward to continuing to carry CBS news and to work closer with the network as needed to respond to listeners observations and needs.

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