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Discussion in 'DISH Network Support Forum' started by LandoftheRich, Sep 1, 2008.

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    I've got a Dish 322 Receiver thats being used on one tv downstairs (TV1) and another upstairs (TV2). I want to put an additional TV in another room upstairs and I don't need this one to operate independently...I'm fine with it sharing TV2's programming.

    My thinking is I can split the signal coming out of the receiver for TV2 and run that to both rooms upstairs. I have a JVI Trunkline 35-DTV38MS thats currently not being used for anything. Should I try to use that to split the signal or am I better off with a simple 2 way splitter?

    Also, I'm concerned about signal loss. It's already split once before getting to the receiver and I'm going to split it again for the 3rd TV. Is there an inline amplifier I should use with this receiver? Was looking at the Terk BIA-20 20db...
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    The distribution signal coming out of the 322 is plenty hot to be split two ways without any fancy equipment.

    The JVI device is a DIRECTV multiswitch and that's not going to help much with distributing a modulated analog TV signal.
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    Did your installer use diplexers to combine and then split out the tv2 output from the 322 to the tv2 set? If so just put a splitter after the output from the 2nd diplexer (the one not behind the 322) and run to both tv2s. You should not need to amp it up, the tv2 output is pretty strong on purpose. If he didn't use diplexers just put a splitter after the tv2 output of the 322.
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    You don't need that 3x8 multiswitch. Just a regular 2 way splitter.
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