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    So right now I have a 1H2J system that has been up and running. From what I remember, a single Hopper can support up to three Joeys. My question is can I just buy a Joey from somewhere like eBay and set it up myself? I am fimailliar with the download process. Does it require some kind of activation from Dish and would I have to pay a 6.00 fee even though I bought it outright?
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    you can get it independently and add it to your account, but you would still pay the normal $7 per month for the joey. Doesn't matter whether the equipment is leased or owned since it's basically an outlet fee and not a lease fee.

    About the only really good reason I can think for buying a joey is for use in a guest room where they can add and drop from the account as needed. Otherwise, there's little benefit to the average Dish customer to own any equipment themselves since you don't save any money.
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    Not really -

    I've seen Dish Retailers sell Joey's at about $100/unit. I think Dish wants $250+. You save money off the purchase price but can't save any money in the long term since Dish charges outlet fees.
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