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Discussion in 'The DIRECTV Forum' started by SHEEPareBAD, Jul 2, 2008.

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    i'm a dish tech, but my next door neighbor is a directv customer. he recently re-did his roof and i offered to re-install his dish, (how nice!). i'm just not too sure how to aim it. He has the slimline dish for his HD.
    i have a super buddy and theres 3 or 4 different options for the slimline and i just don't know which one to use. or zip code is 55060 and it seems like he's picking up 5 signals. 3 in the center head and 2 to the left. i could take a picture and put it up on here if that helps. any advise would be awesome. thanks.

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  2. Matt9876

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    Put zip code in the rec. unit and it will tell you tilt,az. and elevation.

    use Birdog to max out on 101 bird, if you have numbers below 70 for 103(b/c)

    use walkie talkie or cell phone to max out 103(b/c) "94-100 is normal for slimline, 85 for side car dish."

    Done !!:)
  3. Bob Nielsen

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    After doing 101, adjust the tilt (skew for Dish folks) to peak 119, before fine-tuning on 103.
  4. Jimbo

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    If the guys took it down to re roof , then all the setting should already be set.
    Set it up , make sure the mast is plumb and adjust the az. the elevation and tilt should not have to be changed unless the original install was not plumb.


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