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All American Direct Customer Service

Discussion in 'The DISH Forum' started by jimdandyvi, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. jimdandyvi

    jimdandyvi Thread Starter Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    For those of us that complain about Dish Network and other company's customer service All American Direct takes the cake in my book.

    Saturday I get a call from them telling me that they have shut off my distant networks for non payment. I go on line pull of my bank account and download a copy of the front and back of my cancelled check that cleared the bank well in advance of the deadline.

    I call All American Direct back and give them the information as well as offering to send them a copy of the check. They then tell me that they will refer the matter to corporate to be researched and this will take four - six weeks. A manager couldn't or wouldn't help either. If I want to have my Fox channel back now I will have to give them a credit card and set up a recurring charge and pay them again. I previously had a recurring charge set up with Sobongo, but when AAD took over the Distant Networks this winter they didn't offer me this option.

    The amount in question is $3.49. Unbelievable that AAD is willing to treat a customer like a deadbeat liar and for so little money.

    I plan to file a complaint with the BBB.


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  2. Tampa8

    Tampa8 SUPPORTING FOUNDER 9/8/2003 Pub Member / Supporter

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    On the other side of the coin, they have been extremely helpful to me, I have had them since the very beginning. They actually addressed my question about not getting a distant that FOOL TV clearly said I could not get with any kind of antenna. While the CSR only said they would submit a waiver, I already know it would not be granted. They offered to have me contact someone by email, gave me the address.
    He responded two days later, and within five days I had the network. He found an error in their program. I actually pointed out in a thread early on when it first changed hands that it looked like one of the networks I could always get was showing now I could not. Thought that was strange. He said I was correct, in addition to being able to get the one network I wanted, I was supposed to get one I previously had, and sure enough, when I qualify on their site now it is all correct. I did not expect this level of cooperation.


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