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Discussion in 'Free To Air (FTA) Discussion' started by salvadorel, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Spent the last few days trying to get a signal from Sky Mex at 58W without luck.
    Being in Nicaragua dish size shouldn´t be an issue but have tried both a 24" StarChoice and a 42" Claro dish. The receiver is a CNX Nano 2. That would leave the LNB which is a GSat GT-T40C Standard KU-Band Twin LNBF
    Input: 11.70-12.75 GHz LO:10.75 GHz
    Could anyone tell me if this is the wrong LNB or are is my alignment capabilities really bad!

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    Can;t speak from experience, but Lyngsat shows SkyMexico with regular polarization, not circular so you should have the right lnbf, with LO freq at 10750. Some of the transponders are S2, but looks like most are common DVB-S. Looks like they are a pay service and scrambled channels so a normal fta box wouldn't decode them.
    Pay services like to get paid!
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    The skew on that one is really harsh in to turn your lnb about 1/4 away around so it's on its side: go to and you'll see what I mean. I think you should be able to get a signal. Although, as turbosat said that is a pay satellite and you'll only get a few promo channels in the clear. I know there's not a lot of FTA on Ku-band in Central America, but how about 97W? Those are mostly in the clear and should be easy to pick up in Nicaragua with your larger Claro dish (although the skew is 40 degrees, almost 1/4 away around in the opposite direction).
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