Audio problems - Atlanta - CH 36/46

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by dervari, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Is anyone else having problems with audio on WGCL or WATL? When watching the HD channels, I get only a LFE channel unless it is national programming. When doing straight through DD 5.1 decoding it's just bass rumble. If I enhance the 5.1 with echo or run it through a DSP, I get a really strange sounding audio. I get this on the DirecTV feed, but also on OTA and Comcast QAM.

    CH 46 had has these issues for a little over a week. Network programming sounds fine, but local news, inserted commercials, and syndicated programs have problems.

    CH 36 worked fine last week as of Friday when we watched Jeopardy. On Monday Jeopardy started having these symptoms.
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