Coolsat 8100HD, Looking for help from Guru's

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    I have read several post about the CS8000/8100 looking to find anything that may help me w/out luck. I see many member here used to play around with them. I have a CS8100HD which I changed most of the Caps at the Power Supply board. So far the box is booting OK. If I connect the coax cable directly from the LNB to the box it works OK. It does scans everything OK and I can watch all the channels OK. Problem I'm having is when I try to connect more than one LNB using a switch. When I used a switch the box goes to NO signal. I have try using a diseqc 1.0 and 1.1 with same results. Even connecting the LNBs one at the time to different ports into the switch when I check there is no signal. I have tried Ku and C-band individually as well. If I go back and connect just one directly then it start working again. Does anyone have any idea where I can look and see if I can troubleshoot the problem??? Since most of the parts on the power supply board have being replaced I guess the problem will be on some of the components sorrounding the tuner. Thanks!!
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    test the LNB voltage with more than just one lnbf and a switch connected. (Could it be a weak LNB fuse???) Think that would be the first thing I'd check. After that, it's up to those with that unit to 'get in deeper'.
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