Cordless Phone Adapter So I Can Get Caller ID Function to Work?

Discussion in 'The DIRECTV Forum' started by jyafink, Aug 24, 2008.

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    [FONT=&quot]I have no telephone wall jacks near my televisions. I also have a typical cordless phone setup where I have a base unit and several handsets. The D* installer said I can get an adaptor at Radio Shack, Walmart, etc… that will allow me to put the handsets near the televisions and hook them to the HR-21 with the adapter so I can get the caller ID function to show up on the televisions. Well, the Walmart people were clueless as to what I was talking about and the guy at Radio Shack said I need to have handsets that allow me to plug a phone cord into them. The problem is that only the base units on cordless phones have the phone jack because all the handsets work wirelessly. The only jack on the handsets is for the power cord to plug into the wall outlet. I've never seen cordless phones where the handsets have phone jacks and the Radio Shack guy said he hasn’t either but that's what I would need to make it work. So, either the D* installer was wrong or the stores were wrong. If what the D* installer said is correct, what are these adapters called and where can I get them? Thank you. [/FONT]

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