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Directv requirements

Discussion in 'The DIRECTV Forum' started by luvmovies, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. luvmovies

    luvmovies Thread Starter New Member

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    Hi, I'm new here and have some questions. I am wanting to switch to Directv from another company. I called Direct and they said I have to have a $150 deposit. I had no soon uttered the last number in my ss number and they said this. I know there is no way they knew my credit that fast. Do they normally ask for $150 from all new customers? Also, can anyone tell me if that $150 will get me 4 recievers, or will I only get one with the deposit? I don't have a major credit card, I have a debit card with the Visa logo on it. Will I be able to mail in my payment every month, or send it by money gram? I can't have it billed to my debit card every month, because I don't always have much cash in my account. So I may not have the money at the exact same time every month. I'm just confused about all of this, not knowing what they are going to require. They claim it's easier than ever to get Directv, but I suppose it's only easy if you have a major credit card with plenty of credit on it.
    If anyone can help me with some of these questions, I'd appreciate it. If anyone knows, could you state all the requirements of Directv and possible complications?
    With the other company I'm with, I could only get two recievers, and I had to purchase them, because of something to do with my credit. I had to go with a satelite store, purchase the equipment through them, they installed it, and I had to have $100 showing in my bank account at the time, and they started the service for me. That was confusing as well, and I still don't remember how it all went exactly. The one thing I do remember is I could only afford to get a twin dish, when I wanted 4 recievers, but was told it would be much more expensive, and the cost of extra recievers was $150 each.
    So anyone know how I can get 4 recievers from a satelite company? I have no credit, and I have a debit card. I also don't want to billed on my debit card every month. Which is my best way to go?

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  2. Crystal Pepsi Ball

    Crystal Pepsi Ball Member

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    D* does run a credit check on all new customers and IF a deposit is required, it is non-refundable. BUT you do get a $10 credit off your programming each month for 15 months as long as your account is in good standing. The debit card will work just as a credit card for D*. You do not need to set up any recurring payment method. You can use Moneygram ($6.95 or lower) or Western Union ($12.95) or PreCash (up to $5) to make payments each month. My recommendation is to purchase it right on the D* website. There you can get up to 4 basic receivers for free with free H&D (if I remember correctly) and you can schedule an install date right on the website. You could also get 1 free DVR OR 1 free HD receiver with the instant rebate. Just an FYI, if you do go with the DVR or HD, it will require a 2 year commitment and the deposit would be $200 with a $10 credit back for 20 months. I hope this helps and welcome to D*.
  3. charper1

    charper1 Bourbon Tester Supporting Founder

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    Call Robert @ ValueElectronics.com. He is a sponsor here and offers you a discounts if you mention you are a member here. I would at least hear his offer before doing any other deal.
  4. Hogarth

    Hogarth Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    Robert's required by contract to run the credit check, or if he doesn't activate you as a customer, they'll run it when you call in.

    If you have bad credit, you'll have to pony up the deposit or do without.
  5. markfp-1

    markfp-1 Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    Your credit could have been checked very quickly, by using your name, address or phone number, all of which I assume you gave before your SS number.

    It's true that getting the world is really set up to deal with people with credit cards and those without have a lot of trouble. I have an 85 year-old aunt who has perfect credit, but never has had a credit card just because she never believed in them. She got her first computer a couple of years ago and we had to convince her to get a debit card so she could buy on-line.
  6. dragon002

    dragon002 New Member

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    i dont know where he is (it cant be pa or md) but in most states directv can and does sometime REQUIRE a recurring charge on a CREDIT card (not a debit card) for the life of the contract. i see it in wv and oh all the time
  7. HCI


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    If you had to buy your equipment from E* then more than likely you will have to pay the deposit. I have not used credit in over 4 years cause I got into a mess when I first started college, but now I have got that cleared and will never use credit again.
    If you want Directv just pay the 150 and dont worry about the credit.


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