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Discussion in 'The DISH Forum' started by clydesam, May 24, 2010.

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    Having uverse installed and instead of canceling dish all together. I put the acct on hold in case I have a connection problem with the service since I had dsl service before with ATT and it would go out every time it got hot out. They gave me two options since I have the service plan. $5 without the plan and a one time $25 dropping the plan or $11 with the plan. Decided to keep the plan and pay $11. So if Uverse is fine after 6 mos. and no trouble will drop dish all together or if dish I like better will just keep the uverse for internet and phone. I noticed with dish pause on the acct. I still get the free channels plus the free previews channels even in hd. Dish online still works also. Can download free movies or tv shows on to the receiver. I am not going to buy any but I guess you could use that too.

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    can you watch stuff you have already recorded?
  3. gadgetguru63

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    I bet the uverse installer cut/disconnected the dish and he has no free channels now.
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  5. Bob Haller

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    if you own the boxes why not just cancel? if you call E they will be thrilled to get you back.....

    I am canceling E next week going to comcast, an tearing out my E system, I am not going back. If comcast doesnt work then its D for me.

    companies that raise fee bill 30 bucks at one time dont weant my business and certinally dont deserve my money:(
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    NEXT week? WHY WAIT BOB? I am sure that DISH will be thrilled once you leave once and for all. I know we will. Then you and all of us can move on with our lives. But seriously I understand why you are finally canceling . The fees for extra receivers are simply outrageous and definitely are not good for DISH's business. After all how can DISH be the low price leader and push $17.00 fees on additional dual tuner dvrs , when DIRECTV is only charging $5.00 for each additional receiver on their accounts? I understand why you pay $10.00 or more per programming pack with DIRECTV over DISH , because ALL subs with DIRECTV are paying for NFL Sunday ticket ,whether they subscribe to it or not. What is DISH's excuse for the extra $12.00 per extra dual tuner receiver? Answer: PURE GREED!:mad::mad:

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