Do Dish receivers pick up FTA channels?

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    I know I've seen this answered before but cannot find it at the moment. But, I'd like to clarify my question further...

    I dropped Dish Network service in Dec. 2005. Also last month, I got my Hauppauge Nexus-S Rev 2.3 card working with MyTheatre v3.33.5 (after months of no luck). I was able to pickup Angel and NASA channels on 119. However, it shows FoxNews as being a FTA channel but does not come in on my PC card. So I powered on my Dish Network (JVC Model 3800, upgraded to 3900) receiver and see shopping channels, PPV channels, Angel, NASA and FoxNews. So, I am thinking I can get the FTA channels off of Echostar's satellites with their old reciever, but not other FTA channels from non-Echostar satellites. Am I correct?
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    EDIT: That would be "YUP" to the last question, not the title.
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    Some channels do show up on a previous subscribed box. I have just locals and get the same stuff.

    The only TRUE FTA channels on Dish 119 are
    -Dish 101
    -Angel One
    -Adult Lock (mirror channel of 101)
    -Dish 501 (the “you have purchased _______________”). Used for big sporting events
    -9950 (you need a 2nd dish installed)..used for locals on the second satellite
    -Muzak & CD audio channels (not Sirius)

    Stuff that shows on a previous subscribed box but not FTA
    -Shopping Channels
    -PI channels on 61.5/148
    -Any preview Dish is doing (Fox News this month, MSNBC last month)
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