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    18 years ago I use to have a large dish with a Drake ESR receiver with a VCII unit. It was great. Especially having alacart programming. Now, I only see DISH, DTV or FTA. I heard 4DTV is dead and not worth investing into.

    Having said that, I have been out of the scene for quite sometime. Is there a replacement technology to the old big dish, Drake, Toshiba, GI, etc receivers that let me have alacart programming? I'm tired of the 400 channel packages when I only want a few. I also hear that the FTA stuff is really buggy and made mainly in Asia. I wouldn't mind stuff made in Japan. I would like a good reliable solid solution.

    Sorry to ask and old question. But I'm getting old :)
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    Q - Is there a replacement technology to the old big dish, - - that let me have alacart programming?
    A - No. FTA isn't an alternate means to subscribe to 'cable' fare.
    HITs(DCII) is still is available, but it's believed that the days are numbered and receivers aren't readily available.
    Rumors have it that something new May Be available in the near future,-Please stand by - - -
    A2 - FTA is pretty alacart though. Take a look at TheList (link on every page) and/or Mikes list at Mpeg Central
    good reliable solid solution -
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