Error 004. problem with the multi-dish switch

Discussion in 'DISH Network Support Forum' started by prashanthchou, Aug 3, 2011.

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    All these years I had Dishnetwork with ONE receiver (DP-510) in living room and everything was working fine.

    I wanted to add one more receiver to my bed room to connect to TV2.

    I had an old receiver (dp-311) which I called dish customer service and added the 2nd receiver to my account so I can watch programs on both the TV's using both my receiver.

    I had done the installation setup myself.

    This is what I did in my basement (where all the cables connect).

    I had a 4 way splitter (silver color splitter) which I had used this way.

    IN => Connect the cable coming from Roof top Dishnetwork dish
    OUT1 => Cable going to the Receiver1 in my living room - TV1
    OUT2 => Cable going to the receiver2 in my living room - TV2

    I had configured both receivers and I can watch program well on both receivers when they are INDIVIDUALLY powered on.

    If I have RECEIVER-1 ON in my living room and when I go to the bed room to RECEIVER-2, then I get this message on the TV-2

    "Error-4 problem with the multi-dish switch"

    Moral of the story:

    I can watch programs on either one of the receiver ONLY when the other receiver is OFF.

    So I can watch programs in only one receiver at a time. If I turn both ON then I get the above message.

    Any help ?????

    Is the 4-way splitter what I am using , is it the right one or do I need to use something else ?
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    You cannot split the cable coming down from the Dish! Given the 510 and 301, I would guess you have a twin LNB on a dish 500 getting 110 and 119. This will work and has an internal switch. Just run an individual cable from it's two outputs; one each to your receivers, and you're done.
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    Which switch are you using? What type lnbs? If you are using a normal splitter, it is not designed to work with Dish when you have two receivers turned on. You either have to use a proper switch or run a second coax line from the dish to the reactivated receiver.
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    If you still had cable what you are doing would work. With satellite it could burn up your receivers, if you don't know what you are doing hire a professional.
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