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Few Questions About My New Hopper Setup

Discussion in 'The Hopper Zone' started by Hawk88, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Hawk88

    Hawk88 Thread Starter Pub Member / Supporter Pub Member / Supporter

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    Had 2 Hopper/2 Joey installed today!!! I have a few questions.

    1. How do you create folders properly? (I ended up going to create a new recurring recording, then I could select what folder and there was an option to create there, but I would think there would be a more straight forward way).

    2. I cannot search on one Hopper. It searches the DVR, but nothing from the guide. I seen some other threads saying that an overnight reset should fix it. So I will wait.

    3. Does multiple episodes of a show go into its own list like it did on the 722? I pushed 6 episodes of one show and I put it in my wife's folder. They are all in there seperate, not in a listed view.

    4. Does anyone know what kind of files (wmv, avi, mkv) does the Home Media is able to play? I need to rebuild my Home Server so I can test it.

    5. I would really like to create folders on the EHD (external hard drive), especially since the view is those nice icons.

    Maybe its just me, but the picture seems to be a little better. I am loving this so far!!!

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  2. Hawk88

    Hawk88 Thread Starter Pub Member / Supporter Pub Member / Supporter

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    One other thing I don't like is (and this kinda goes back to what Scott said in his review) is the folder setup. I created shows and put them in my folder and some in my wife's. I had the view when you went into DVR as it was on the 722, where it shows MyFolder, HerFolder, PTAT folder, and NoFolder. Two things with that, I wish there was a way to remove the NoFolder and any items that were not assigned to folders were below them, as they were on the 722. I also wish you could sort the folders the way you want. Like put HerFolder first instead of mine. Second, after I put them in that view, there is the option to see a view where you see all shows at once, which I do not want (this is the reason I made folders). So I wish there was a way to disable that view option. I answered some of my own questions above as well:
    1. Still have not found.
    2. Will check on this tonight
    3. Yes they do.
    4. ??
    5. Still wishing.

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