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    Just ran across this snippet I know these 3 stations are still on C-Band (118.7) last I checked (a month and a half ago)....will they leave? Don't honestly know.


    The Twin Cities' Univision affiliate is getting new owners. Media Vista Group, LLC is buying WUMN-LP/13 (Minneapolis) and stations in Kansas City, Fort Meyers, and Naples from SP Television LLC for $3.5 million. Media Vista Group, LLC is headed by Orlando Rosales and also owns a low-power Azteca America affiliate in Naples. WUMN first became an Univision affiliate under the ownership of Equity Media and was sold to Silver Point Capital L.P. in 2009 as part of Equity's bankruptcy. It is the last analog signal on the air in Minneapolis and has no construction permit to convert to digital. Current FCC plans are for all LPTV stations to convert to digital by 2015.

    For the newer FTA folks who may not understand why I wrote "Equity channels" Equity Broadcasting was a company who about 8-9 years ago bought up a bunch of low powered TV stations and ran them out of Little Rock, Arkansas. The stations were on 123W KU and also on 95W C-Band and for a fair amount of us that is the reason we got into FTA. They were the originators of Retro TV Network which is now RTV and owned by Luken (who was the head guy at Equity for a while). RTN (as it was called) had alot of good programing that is now on other "retro" tv networks

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