Genie Upgrade w/o Install

Discussion in 'The DIRECTV Forum' started by SoonerChris, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Currently am not under contact and have 2 HR24-500s and 2 H24-700s w/ whole home DVR. SWiM install with an 8 port switch. From what I gather everything I have (dish/switch) is Genie ready.

    If I call to get upgraded will I be able to have the equipment shipped to me or will it require an install tech to come out? Really don't have time to be at home for an install and I most definitely can complete the install myself.

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  2. texasbrit

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    No, you will need a tech. You already have six tuners and the Genie will make 11 in total. That probably means a replacement LNB at the dish, four cables to the house and an SWM16 multiswitch. And I suspect you don't have an 8-port switch, you probably have an SWM LNB and an 8-way splitter.
  3. twizt3dkitty

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    Depends on if you are having clients shipped too. Most likely you will NEED a tech to come out and install a SWM16.

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