H2x / HR2x CE Release 1/10

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    Systems in this CE
    H21 • H23 • H24 - SATURDAY ONLY
    HR20 • HR21 • HR22 • HR23 - FRIDAY ONLY
    H25 • HR24 - Friday & Saturday
    (all manufacturers)

    Window of opportunity to download:
    Friday January 10, 2014: 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET
    Saturday January 11, 2014: 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET

    Risk Level for this Download:
    Low Risk

    New features

    Under the hood

    You may lose your guide cache
    Please allow up to 24 hrs to restore your full 14 day guide
    Your STB may restart during idle time within the first 24-48 hours of CE download
    Please do not report sluggishness or missing search results within the first 12 hours
    Please send logs along with all reports, including MRV issues

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