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Help setting up World Direct dish with Manhattan Skyline 1000 for 3ABN

Discussion in 'Free To Air (FTA) Discussion' started by Shnippy, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Shnippy

    Shnippy Thread Starter Member

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    Hi Guys,

    I gave up on the little 18x20" dish and got a larger world direct dish with 1 linear, and 1 circular lnb.

    I am having trouble getting any kind of signal at all though.

    the dish just arrived today, and i spent a couple hours trying to get signal, but have had no luck.

    Here is what I have:

    World Direct dish, mounted on flat surface, using a tripod.
    the dish has 1 circular, and 1 linear lnb (unhooked the circular one)

    My location is Aberdeen, Washington 98520

    Clear line of site

    I have looked online and found the satellite co-ordinates:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Full-screen[​IMG]Address: Aberdeen, Washington
    Latitude: 46.9754°
    Longitude: -123.8157°
    Satellite: 101.0W AMC 2, 4 | DirecTV 8
    Elevation: 31.6°
    Azimuth (true): 150.1°
    Azimuth (magn.): 132.8°

    I have tried pointing in that direction using a compass, but cannot pick up anything at all: 0 signal, 0 strength

    I have tried setting up the Manhattan Skyline 1000 receiver as per the directions from Adventist Satellite website:

    Manhattan Skyline 1000

    [SIZE=+2]FTA Satellite Receiver Programming[/SIZE] This guide will assist in programming your receiver to enable reception of 3ABN Television, 3ABN Latino, 3ABN Radio, RADIO 74, ATN HOPE, ATN Business, LifeTalk Radio, LLBN and many other Free To Air ( FTA ) broadcasters.
    Before attempting to program new channels it may be necessary to make adjustments to the dish and/or LNB to obtain a strong signal that reflects good signal and quality levels. Poor signal quality will affect the ability to program and properly receive additional channels.

    [SIZE=+2]Adding New Transponder Information[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=+1]On Satellite AMC-4 (GE-4)[/SIZE] 1. Using the remote control, press the [SIZE=+1]MENU[/SIZE] key, then press the right [SIZE=+1]VOL[/SIZE] key, the INSTALL box will highlight.
    2. Press the down [SIZE=+1]CH[/SIZE] key once, and highlight 2. CHANNEL SEARCH. Now press the [SIZE=+1]OK[/SIZE] key, and the CHANNEL SEARCH window will open.
    3. Press the down [SIZE=+1]CH[/SIZE] key 4 times until TP DATA is highlighted, then press the [SIZE=+1]OK[/SIZE] key. A TRANSPONDER DATA window will appear, on the right, with TP1:(xxxxxx) at the top in yellow.
    4. Press the right [SIZE=+1]VOL[/SIZE] key until TP(x): USER DEFINED appears in yellow.
    5. Press the down [SIZE=+1]CH[/SIZE] key once, and highlight FREQ. Enter the frequency (i.e. [SIZE=+1]11983 [/SIZE]for ATN / LifeTalk)in the box.
    6. Press the down [SIZE=+1]CH[/SIZE] key twice, and highlight Symbol Rate (S/R). Type the Symbol rate (i.e. [SIZE=+1]05900 [/SIZE]for ATN / LifeTalk).
    7. Skip to step 8 if the Polarization is correct ( Horizontal for all of the Adventist channels). If it is not correct, press the Down [SIZE=+1]CH [/SIZE]key to highlight POLARIZATION and change.
    8. It will take up to 15 seconds for the SIGNAL and QUALITY bars to turn green. Press the down [SIZE=+1]CH[/SIZE] key several times until STORE is highlighted in yellow. Press the [SIZE=+1]OK[/SIZE] key once and the TRANSPONDER DATA window will disappear.
    9. Press the down [SIZE=+1]CH[/SIZE] key twice and highlight START. Press the [SIZE=+1]OK[/SIZE] key once and the receiver will automatically store the new channel(s), power off and repower.
    Repeat these steps for each transponder that is to be programmed.

    But still nothing.

    Would someone have the patience to teach me what i'm doing wrong?

    I would very much appreciate any help you would have to offer.

    Thank you very much

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    Reigster at SatelliteGuys
  2. Anole

    Anole SatelliteGuys Guru

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    I can confirm your aim.

    Use the magnetic azimuth and line up using your compass.
    (easier to see where you are aiming if dish skew is set to zero! )

    Elevation is good.
    Should be marked on your dish's mount, but feel free to experiment a couple degrees above and below.

    You didn't mention skew.
    I show -19.9°, so that's something you set on the dish's mount.
    The bird is to your east, so -
    Twist the dish counterclockwise looking from the rear, or clockwise viewing the dish from in front of it.

    if all else fails:

    There's a high powered DBS satellite at 101°, so there are several ways to use that as a beacon.
    If you have a $10 sat meter, you'll probably see a peak on it through the linear LNB when you're on a circular bird (I have on other LNBs, your mileage may vary).
    You can certainly find the 101° bird on your circular LNB , then swing the dish sideways a bit to line up your linear LNB.
    Or, you could maybe put the circular LNB at the location of the linear LNB as a first line up step.
    Remember, tuning up on a DBS bird will be sloppy compared to a lower powered satellite, but it might get you close.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  3. SatelliteAV

    SatelliteAV SatelliteGuys Family Pub Member / Supporter

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    What is the receiver's LNB type and frequency setting? Single / 10750 should be correct setting.

    The Adventistsat.com AMC4 programming guide is based on the assumption that the receiver has been in use and the LNB setting has not been changed.
  4. Shnippy

    Shnippy Thread Starter Member

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    thank you both for the quick reply.

    i hadn't thought about the skew. it is still set at 90. that would be a big problem, is that correct?

    the receiver, well thats another story. i bought it brand new, and while playing around with it, i set it to factory default. it still has tp information in there, and it does have 3abn, but it doesnt seem to match anything i have seen online.

    when going to the antenna setup, it gives me 4 options:
    Wide low 9750 high 10750

    Universal low 9750 high 10600

    Single single 10750

    Single-s single-s 5150

    then there is a setting for lnb power options: Off, V/H, 14v skew on, 18v skew on

    then 22khz Tone On,Off

    then DiSEqC Off,1,2,3,4,Mini A, Mini B

    then 12v On,Off

    Then under channel search i have it set up like this:

    Search index 1
    Satellite GE_4 (101.0w)
    Search Mode Auto All
    TP Data TP13 3ABN (i set this) The TP Data is:FREQ 11983, POLARITY H, S/R 5900, FEC AUTO, VIDEO PID 00000, AUDIO PID 00000, PCR PID 00000

    Again, i am new this and am in need of some of your expert advice.

    I guess i might need it explained to me like im a second grader. of course these kids are very bright these days :)

    Is any of the information i have given pertinant enough to help me get this set up?

    Thank you both again for offering your assistance.

  5. Anole

    Anole SatelliteGuys Guru

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    It would be wise to set the skew correctly.
    I marked the preferred choices.
    There's probably something else I forgot, and I'm not familiar with that receiver ...
    ...so don't get discouraged if this doesn't do it. :)
  6. Shnippy

    Shnippy Thread Starter Member

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    Hi Anole,

    So 19.9 deg counterclockwise from behind. I will set it to that.

    any idea what lnb i should set the receiver to? wide, universal, single or single-s?

    Thank you again for helping.

  7. Anole

    Anole SatelliteGuys Guru

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    ...uhhh... see above...
    I highlighted the preferred choice using green... :)
  8. Shnippy

    Shnippy Thread Starter Member

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    oops.. sorry, i was looking at your reply quickly at work, and didnt see it.

    im going to give it all a go after work today.

    thank you very much, and i will post back when it is set up.

    very cool!

    thank you,
  9. Shnippy

    Shnippy Thread Starter Member

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    hi guys,

    had another go at it today, but it didnt work.

    got a steady 70-90% signal strength, but 0 quality, an no channels.

    any extra help would be great greatly appreciated.

    thank you all very much

  10. Shnippy

    Shnippy Thread Starter Member

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  11. jbmiller

    jbmiller Active SatelliteGuys Member

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  12. delta_charlie

    delta_charlie Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    Hi Shnippy, yes the skew is critical! You dish may be similar to my Dish 500 in that 90 degrees is really zero so to set it correct subtract the -19.9 from it and you should get 70.1 just round it off to 70 and you should be good to go.

    BTW - I just motored my 80 CM dish over to 101w and have 3ABN on now. It is booming at over 80% Q

    I'm showing 11822/H/5700

    Hope this helps, DC
  13. pedrogarcia

    pedrogarcia Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    I believe on the manhattan you have to enter the SR as 05700 for it to be retained.
    The LNB-45 refers to Wide universal Lnb ignore it,. Select your LNB as single standard the -45 stay in the menu but is faded and not used.
    To recap settings shoud be per anole

    Standard LNB
    22khz off
    disecq off

    Frequency 11822
    Polarity horizontal
    SRate 05700
    FEC 2/3 or auto
    VPID 1160 or auto assuming you want english
    Apid 1120 or auto ''

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