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Discussion in 'The Hopper Zone' started by artholl, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Nov 19, 2012
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    I am considering upgrading to the Hopper system with one hopper and one joey as I plan to add additional joeys and an additional hopper by buying them on the marketplace. I talked to the Dish Rep (chat room) and asked if the installer would install a Duo Node (in place of the single node) plus add 2-Taps (in place of slitters). The rep also stated I have the Pro Plus dish. Will there be a monthly charge on any additional joeys and hopper from Dish? Will Dish allow me to self install these additional units? Your comments are appreciated and await them before I upgrade. artholl
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    If you buy them, you can install them. Any additional receiver (after the initial Hopper) is $7 per month. However, buying will cost you more than what Dish will charge you if get 2 Hoppers/2 Joeys from them to begin with and the install would give you the dual node.
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