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Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Clemson_Keith, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Hello all, first time post from a DirecTV newbie.

    New installation, whole home DVR, HR24-100 DVR, H24 receiver, older analog receiver on the 3rd TV. Good signal strength (in the 90's on everything).

    Downstairs H24 receiver hooked to Denon receiver via HDMI
    Upstairs HR24 dvr hooked directly to Vizio TV via HDMI

    I am experiencing a problem with frequent intermittent freezing on the HR24 dvr. While doing a 30-sec skip, primarily, but often during fast forward or rewind on a recorded show, the audio drops out, and the screen freezes. The only solution is a RBR, which of course wipes out the recordings I am currently recording. Frequency is approximately 1x/day. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to happen if watching the shows through the coax ethernet whole home DVR - I have only seen one lockup here vs. about 50-60 the other way.

    I decided to wait for the 0x410 update but it didn't help things any.

    I called DirecTV tech support 2 weeks ago, they "escalated to engineering" and the rep promised a callback. I never got a callback, got busy and didn't get to it, called back tonight and the lady over the phone said "we never call anyone back." Well that didn't sit too well with me, eventually she agreed to send out a new HR24 and we're going to try that. I'll see how it goes....

    Anybody else having the same issue? I saw a few instances on another site...this is really really annoying....makes me long for my old motorola DVR through the cable company, and that was terrible.....

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    Have you tried swapping locations (HD for HD-DVR) to see if the problem follows the box or remains at the location?
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    I have had this happen to me periodically by doing a double skip. Reboot usually fixes it. It will start for a few second and freeze.
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    DirecTV has a bug in the HR24 code that they have yet to find or yet acknowledge because I have 2 DVR's that do this and no amount of testing and things to try have fixed it. I find that if it does it just hit the Instant replay once and watch the show delayed 10 seconds and it doesn't freeze.

    I am being patient that they will fix it eventually.
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