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  1. No longer receive notifications of any kind on the IOS SatelliteGuys app. The last notification received was on April 12. Have logged out/in and reinstalled the app. Yes, all notifications are turned on in the settings. :)
  2. Unfortunately nothing we control. :( I am still getting notifications (but they are around 5 minutes behind from when they are posted.)

    I suggest contacting Tapatalk Support since they are the ones who control everything.

    I wish I could help out more. :(
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  3. Heads up... there is an update available for our software on this side for Tapatalk / The SatelliteGuys app.

    Here are the release notes

    XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.1.16 released

    - solved issue with incorrect timestamp value
    - solved issue with frum links not working properly
    - other minor bugs solved from support request reported by forum owners

    I am working now to install it.
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  4. When I googled Tapatalk Notifications Not Working, i found a bunch of stuff about it. Over the years that seems to be a very unreliable feature. It seems that things like reinstalling the app never made a difference. It is always their fault, because with whatever's they're playing with again, they manage to screw this up.

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  5. Yup and it's frustrating for a forum owner (me) to not be able to support my members because they are screwing with things in their end that I can not control.

    Btw I did. It get to install the update today. I was getting ready to then all hell broke out at the office so I was busy putting out those fires all day.

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  6. Then on its own, notifications started again yesterday. Yeah!!! Thanks Tapatalk.
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