KTVX Salt Lake City Utah - HD when?

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    Salt Lake City, UT
    Per "The List"

    6371 KTVX (4) MPEG4 HD 129.0°W 18 8PSK ConUS beam Not Available

    When will it be made available?

    Any wild guesses?

    The wife would love to watch "Dancing With the Stars" in HD...

    (yep could get the OTA running ... but OTA takes up more space in the DVR yanno...)

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    I contacted KTVX about this and they said that "they have presented Dish with a contract". Dish apparently doesn't like it. I have no idea when if if ever they'll come to an agreement.

    Dish had no clue about anything when I contacted them. While I'm happy to have 3 of the HD locals, it is frustrating not having ABC, now that I know what I'm missing.

    Here's a copy of the email:

    "A retransmission agreement needs to be finalized between KTVX and Dish before KTVX-HD is available as a part of the Salt Lake locals’ package. An agreement was presented to Dish quite a while ago.
    KTVX-HD is available on Comcast Cable and DirecTV now and to over-the-air in portions of Cache County. I f you’re in the southern end of Logan the HD signal would originate from Mt. Pisgah to the south. In the north end of Cache County there is a temporary interference issue where the Salt Lake DTV channels actually get into the county from Salt Lake and interfere with the Mt. Pisgah channels. They are working to resolve this."


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