Last and Next 3D Movie

Discussion in 'DVD & Blu-ray' started by dfergie, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Watched these this past week:

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
    Jungle Book
    Finding Dory
  2. Passengers... pretty good, followed by Prometheus...

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  3. Both had pretty good PQ and sound upmixed...
  4. It's been awhile since I watched anything in 3D. But since the 4K edition of Passengers came with a 3D disk, I gave it a try over the weekend. I thought it looked stunning in 3D! I read it wasn't shot natively in 3D, but never the less, the 3D looked very convincing, and I thought it added to the movie experience. Really enjoyed it!
  5. How much longer will 3D content keep coming out since 3D TV's are going away?
  6. If people bought a new TV every couple months because a new panel was released, then not long. But they don't. They keep a TV for decades. Unless you are a fanatic and then upgrade when new major technology is out. That is about every 4 years for me it seems. But my last upgrade to 4K is also 3D capable so 3D isn't going away for me.

    Generally speaking I still collect 3D versions for my library, I rent 2D Blu Ray, and I only buy a couple UHD since my 4K Projector does such a great job of upconverting Blu Ray 2D to 4K. I think 3D Blu Ray disks will continued to be offered as long as there is a demand. The production costs are minimal if the movie was released already in 3D in the theaters. The biggest threat I see to 3D disks is not UHD, but rather streaming that will soon obsolete all disk distribution. Quality is catching up fast and soon will surpass disks.
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy ... again, going to see 2 today at the theater, 3D of course.
  8. I saw 2 on Saturday. It is good.
  9. Saw it yesterday, thought it was very good, with good 3D also...