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  1. Last: Dr. Strange. The CG was way overdone, and too much leap of character development. I rank it "down" in the Thor department (ironic that the two meet after initial credits).
  2. Last: Rogue One

    Really enjoyed it. Nice tie-in to Episode 4

    Next: Fantastic Beasts UHD

  3. Watched it (Rogue One) twice this past week. Really enjoyed it more the second time. Pieces tied-together better and it really was an excellent prelude to Episode IV. The CGI for Tarkin (Lee) was amazing! Not so much for Leia (Fisher)...she looked a tad too cartoonish. Minor nit to pick though. Liked the way they did Vader and the scenes he was in. All-in-all, I'd give it an 9.
  4. Rogue One

    Yeah, that was pretty freaking good man.
  5. Hoping for Rogue One 3D followed by "A New Hope" next weekend...
  6. House part I from the newly restored House and House II blu-ray pack. Had never actually seen either, part I is pretty goofy and the restoration looks nice.
  7. Split

    That was a wild movie, and the very end had me smiling ear to ear.
  8. Alien ... had to following Prometheus.

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  9. Minority Report

    Bought the BD...first time I'd ever seen it in full HD...