Long Cable runs and configuration.

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by seniormoments, Dec 6, 2006.

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    I'm currently building a home on a 5 acre parcel that's frought with 200+ foot Pines and Cedars. The only place where I've got a shot at the Southern sky is on my property's Southern border. That location is up to 500 feet from my home.

    Is there equipment/configurations I could install that would mitigate the signal loss/other issues with this long cable run?

    Suggestions please??

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    Run RG-11 cable, or use one of the new fiber optic transmitters. Pace www.pacemso.com has them.

    The fiber solution is, of course, more elegant, but also pricier. Even the RG-11 solution is pricey, especially if you are planning on using the Ka/Ku dish.
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    It might serve you better to go UP rather than OUT from the house. A antenna tower only has to be high enough to get an angle where the dish can see over the top of the trees (you should clear a few trees within the line of sight which would greatly reduce the height of the tower). The shorter the tower the less coax length needed and it would most likely be able to get by with no signal boosting devices or oversized coax.
    Once you add up the number of 500+ foot lengths of oversized coax needed, PVC pipe to run the coax through, access ports at various places along the length of the run for servicing the coax if needed (you don't want to have to replace an entire 500 foot coax if it is damaged and can be spliced in one sopt, right?), trenching & burial and any needed signal booster, the cost would be nearly equal to if not more than that of a antenna tower, installation, removing a few trees and the coax needed to run to the house. Only problem I see is finding a tech who is willing and able to climb a tall tower to install the dish (and hope the tower is stable enough that his climbing up & down the tower doesn't affect the alignment of the dish).
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