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NHL Center Ice and Game Center Live

Discussion in 'The DISH Forum' started by strak82, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. strak82

    strak82 Thread Starter Member

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering, I have yet to sign up for NHL Center Ice and was wondering with a Dish Network signup do you get a promo code for Game Center Live (the online version) to get it for free as well. I only ask because I have friends in Canada who sign up via their services (Bell and Shaw) and with their signups they get a promo code to get Game Center Live (for free). I've tried chatting with Dish support online but they don't seem very sure, if anyone could give me any info, perhaps someone from Dish on here, that would be fantastic. I'm just debating what I should go with is all, if the promo code comes with it I'll obviously signup with Dish, but if not it makes the decision a little tougher :) Thanks everyone!

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  2. Rangers484

    Rangers484 Active SatelliteGuys Member Pub Member / Supporter

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    I did not order CI last year but the 2 years prior there was no code to view NHL GameCenter. This year I ordered GameCenter from the NHL web site to use with my Roku rather than through Dish. I was hoping to get more games in HD this year than Dish has traditionally provided and it's only $49.99 due to the shortened season.

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