OTA HD signal problems (WRTV Indianapolis)

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    Is anyone in the Indianapolis area have problems with WRTV HD signal? I use to have no problems until a couple of weeks ago. During the NASCAR races for the last couple of weeks, it just loses signal and cuts out. According to my 722, it says it is coming in at 75% then no signal then back to 75%. All my other channels are fine at 75% or better. I am using a powered Winegard Sensar in my attic from the 46151. I just need to know if I should look at my equipment or wait to see if it is WRTV.

    Thank you
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    Hello havoc72,

    I live in Lafayette and get a stronger signal than you do. My guess is that you need to reposition your antenna or bite the bullet and mount it outside. I can get a signal of 90+ on most signals from Indianapolis.

    I hope this helps solve the mystery.
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    The symptom you describe sounds like multi-path. There are two or more signal paths to your antenna (reflections).

    Re-orienting the antenna might help, moving the antenna around or up and down might help.

    You may need a more directional antenna.
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