Possible to delete all Primetime Anytime recordings and "start over" ?

Discussion in 'The Hopper Zone' started by sofakng, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Is it possible to clear out (delete) all of the existing Primetime Anytime recordings?

    I lost power a few times and now half of the recordings are incomplete, etc. I'd really just like to "start over".

    It seems like I can go into each show and delete each recording but that is going to take a while since it recorded like 30+ different shows...
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    NO. You can select days of the week you don't want to record. I don't use Saturday or Sundays. I set timers for the 4 shows I want on Sundays and I don't use any on Saturdays due to sports and rerun city. I wish they would add an edit button on the PTAT feature so I could simply go through the shows already recorded that I don't watch and delete all at one time ,instead of one at a time.
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