Raycom & Dish still quareling? -Dispute Settled. channels back 8/9

Discussion in 'The DISH Forum' started by TNGTony, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. TNGTony

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    My local Fox station owned by Raycom just ran a scroll across the screen warning viewers that service will likely be interrupted on Dish Network if a retransmission dispute cannot be resolved in short order. I missed the scroll at the beginning so I am not sure what it said. But they were urging viewers to call Dish to pressure them to cave in.

    So the question is, is this a Raycom-wide dispute? I know that Raycom has a sports channel they want to get out everywhere.

    CLICK HERE to go to post #28 with channel removal info

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  2. juan

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    ahh the ACC network
  3. Skip06

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    Jonesboro, Ar, and Memphis Raycom stations were running ads about Dish. Haven't seen one in a couple weeks.
    One of the ads said 'Call Dish tell them you pay full price you should get all the channels'.
    I wanted to call them and ask if they're going to give refunds to their advertisers, after all they're paying full price to run ads.
  4. jmccurrytech

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    WBTV, Charlotte CBS is raycom owned, the GM was on the air telling people to call Dish and ask for a "Credit or rebate" I'd rather lose the channel(s) for a week or two and get $5 or $10 off for a while.
  5. Teehar

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    Another example of wanting their cake and eating it too_One good thing about WBTV it has great coverage ota.Comes in great here.
  6. jmccurrytech

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    Yes... great coverage from WBTV here, plus I get clear QAM on cable, so not really an issue for me.
  7. TNGTony

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    The local Raycom channel just used a 15 second local insert at 7:20pm to run a slick promo with the following voice-over:
    Attention Dish Network Customers: Fox 19, you local Fox station, may no longer be available on Dish Network as of midnight July 31. That means you could miss Master Chef, Cincinnati Reds Baseball, and the best local news and weather. You have choices. Fox 19 remains available on Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, and all other local TV providers; and free over the air. Visit www.fox19.com to learn more.

    The promo used to Dish Logo in this promo.

    From what I understand, all Raycom TV stations are airing similar 15 second spots here and there.
  8. KAB

    KAB SatelliteGuys Guru Pub Member / Supporter

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    Good luck with that. You signed a contract that with those provisions in mind.
  9. bnewt

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    My local NBC affiliate is doing the same thing.......not sure when the renewal is due, but here we go again
  10. harshness

    harshness SatelliteGuys Family

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    From the statements, it is abundantly clear that the contract ends July 31, 2013.

    They've been running the "PSAs" since July 2nd or earlier.

    I guess it is cheaper than paying to conduct a formal survey to figure out if anybody cares. The dangerous part about appealing at this point in the annual broadcast TV cycle (reruns and more reruns) is that except for baseball fans, there's probably not to many who going to be all that up-in-arms.
  11. renegade734

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    WTOL/11 and WUPW/FOX-36 in Toledo are running the same ad. Shouldn't affect me, as I receive those channels over-the-air. I expect not to have any guide info, though.
  12. thomasjk

    thomasjk Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    I get WBTV using the Hopper OTA module. So if there is a temporary lapse in the sat feed I can still watch it OTA.
  13. eacalhoun

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    I've grown so weary of local news, in general. For the most part they sensationalize stories, seemingly create news, etc, that I just don't watch local news like I used to. All it does is make me mad at what they - the stations - consider "news". I mostly watch it for weather forecasts, therefore WBTV would not be a big loss for me. Like others, I get a decent OTA signal from but I also get a better OTA signal from WSPA. So, if DISH drops them, I'm not CBS-less.
  14. odbrv

    odbrv Active SatelliteGuys Member

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    KCBD 11 Lubbock is running the same scroll.
  15. TNGTony

    TNGTony Thread Starter Unashamed Bengal Fan Staff Member HERE TO HELP YOU!

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    FYI - Raycom Stations that may be yanked tomorrow if no deal is reached:

    Honolulu, HI
    KGMB - CBS
    KHLN - NBC

    Tucson, AZ
    KOLD - CBS
    --KSMB - Fox (Owned by Belo, Marketing Agreement to Raycom)
    --KTTU - MyTV (Owned by Belo, Marketing Agreement to Raycom)

    Lubbock, TX
    KCBD - NBC

    Tyler/Lufkin, TX
    KLTV - ABC
    KTRE - ABC

    Sheveport, LA
    KSLA - NBC

    Lake Chales, LA
    KPLC - NBC

    Baton Rouge, LA
    WBXH - MyTV
    WAFB - CBS

    Biloxi, MS
    WLOX - ABC

    Hattiesburg, MS
    WDAM - NBC

    Jackson, MS
    WLBT - NBC

    Huntsville, AL
    WAFF - NBC

    Birmingham, AL
    WBRC - Fox

    Montgomery, AL
    WSFA - NBC

    Dothan, AL
    WDFX - Fox

    Panama City, FL
    WPGX - Fox

    West Palm Beach, FL
    WFLX - Fox

    Columbus, GA
    WTVM - ABC
    [edit] = WXTX - Fox (Owned by American Spirit Media - Marketing agreement with Raycom)

    Albany, GA
    WALB - NBC

    Augusta, GA
    WFXG - Fox

    Savannah, GA
    WTOC - CBS

    Charleston, SC
    WCSC - CBS

    Columbia, SC
    WIS - NBC

    Florence/Myrtle Beach, SC
    WMBF - NBC

    Wilmington, NC
    WECT - NBC

    Charlotte, NC
    WBTV - CBS

    Richmond, VA
    WWBT - NBC

    Knoxville, TN
    WTNZ - Fox

    Memphis, TN
    WMC - NBC

    Jonesboro, AR
    KAIT - ABC

    Cape Girardeau, MO
    WFVS - CBS
    WQWQ - CW
    WQTV - CW

    Evansville, IN
    WFIE - NBC

    Louisville, KY
    WAVE - NBC

    Cincinnati, OH
    WXIX - Fox

    Cleveland, OH
    WAUB - MyTV
    WOIO - CBS

    Toledo, OH
    WTOL - CBS
  16. whatchel1

    whatchel1 SatelliteGuys Family

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    This list is mostly correct, but they have some secondary channels too,
    and I have a feeling that Raycom is asking for all their stations to be carried in all markets and since E* doesn't carry the sub channels in most markets that may be part of it. I do think that Raycom may have to back off after all their stations go down to hundreds of thousands of viewers. They will get more nervous when starts getting close to fall premieres of the new shows and new schedule takes place. Then they will be sticking it to themselves if they are off during sweeps in Oct.
  17. TNGTony

    TNGTony Thread Starter Unashamed Bengal Fan Staff Member HERE TO HELP YOU!

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    I know they want Bounce to be carried in this area. That is the local channel's secondary channel. I know it's not going to happen.
  18. jmccurrytech

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    This is one of the times I really miss AAD in HD!!!
  19. ashutto20

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    So if im not mistaken if I have ota I will still receive wbtv even if its pulled off from dish
  20. dare2be

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    Yes, through the OTA tuner and your antenna. You might not get the guide info in your Dish receiver though.

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