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Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Mark0525, Oct 1, 2011.

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    It's been a long time since I've been on here. Starting to get frustrated with Direct but anyways I've been having a problem with the receiver not responding to my remote. When I turn the receiver on it works fine for maybe a minute or so then I have to keep pressing the buttons over and over again to get it to respond. I've tried switching remotes and the same thing happens. Does this sound like a receiver problem or a remote? I have the DVR 23 mode. Thanks for any help
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    It's prolly the receiver. 24's seem to be the quickest when it comes to that. I've seen 23's work flawless or after a few weeks act like an HR-22. I'd see if you could get a new HR24 somehow.
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    A couple of things might help. First, the obvious, have you changed the batteries in the remote? Also, do a hard reboot of the dvr, that is, unplug it for a few minutes to reset it.
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    Before you change receivers you may want to double-check a few issues that could be causing the problem. (I am going to assume you are using the IR remote since you don't mention changing the settings for RF.) 1) Make sure that there is no obstruction near the remote window on your receiver. 2) Make sure any dust accumulation is cleared from the IR window. 3) Did you just replace an incandescent light near your receiver with a compact fluorescent? (If so, test your remote with the fluorescent light off.) I would certainly check these situations before considering a new receiver. (I am also assuming that you put new batteries in the remote while you were doing your testing.)
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    Here's another tip I picked up from the DirecTV forums. Try placing a strip of blue painter's masking tape over the IR window on your receiver. Worked for me when nothing else solved the problem. Also try to move the receiver so it is not seeing the picture on your TV.
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    Yes, this looks like it could be an IR interference problem, possibly from your TV. Many LCD TVs have backlights that produce a lot of IR interference that screws up the remote signals to DirecTV receivers (Dish and cable boxes also can have the same issue).
    The complete solution is to switch the remote and receiver to RF operation. But turning down the backlight sensor, moving the DirecTV box or the "blue tape" fix can also work.
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