Reverse LNB Polarity

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    I have an 8ft offset solid dish with a Ku LNB mounted no the end. The LNB is bolted to the arm, not installed in a collar.

    The polarity of the satellite I want to receive is reversed, so H is V, and V is H

    Is there a product that can be installed in line, that will reverse the polarity?

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    I want to know as well.. because that would solve dish pro issues with toriadol dishes.. :)
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    Lots of companies make external H/V switches that are toggled by an accessory port. All you would have to do is swap the two input wired.

    They do vary from model to model, however, some are 5/6 volt and some are 12 volt, and I think that some of the Drakes had the plus ion the shield and the minus on the center conductor. I installed four of them at a Cox cable headend so that they could receive Ku feeds of a Bullseye, dual C/Dual Ku feed that I also installed using their own, residential-grade Drake receivers, and I had to put in discrete LNB powering supplies and voltage block them from the switches to make non-Drake switches work with a Drake receiver.

    The good news is, almost all of them are the same, so for twenty bucks of less you can buy one and try it. Back when I did that installation for McR, I found them somewhere really cheap, like about $6 each, but I don't remember where.

    This remedy could not be adapted to a Dish Pro Plus single coax output.
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