rg6 coax question for a long overhead run

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    I need to run some rg6 coax from my house to a tree then over a road to a post down on my beach to get the line of sight shot to the correct satellite to get my locals in HD. The run should be less than 200 ft. I need to know if there is a specific type of rg6 that I should use for this overhead application. If anyone has done a similar run what is a max length that you can run before you need to boost the signal and what type of cable should be used to hold up the weight of the cable plus any snow or ice?
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    Aerial coax RG6. Install a P-hook at both ends of the aerial crossing. Secure the aerial messenger to the hook by wrapping it around the hook 3 times, then over the messenger 2 times and then over the messenger coax 5 times. Depending on the nature of the road, you may have to be over 16 feet off the ground at the aerial crossing. It's something like 12' for driveways, etc. Post here what type of traffic crosses that road and if it is a private road, etc.
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    Along with vegassatellite's post::
    Our area just went to 16 over even private roads (Not "on property" driveways more than 30 feet from roads) and at least 18 feet over county roads, with additional height for snow and ice loads. National Electrical Codes are being interpreted to outlaw all wire attachments to "vegetation" (trees) although the code is for wiring over 50 volts. You may have to put up poles to cross the road. It appears you are saying it may be all private property. If so I would consider buried pipe, even 1/2 or 3/4 inch polypipe - inside heavier iron pipe under the road... but that is my way, on course I have to deal with 75 mph winds on regular basis, too (and bury 3/4 inch NMT conduit because of rodents and badgers.).
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    This will also save you some length (16' up and 16' down)
    its my understanding (someone correct me if I'm wrong) its not so much signal loss as it is voltage drop
    the lmb is powered by the stb and won't operate properly if you loose to much voltage in your long run
    what system do you have ? direct, dish, dish pro or pro plus
    which antenna?
    can't you use a wing dish and offset it to shoot up through the same line of sight you are using now?
    or is this a new install?
    did someone come out and say you didn't have line of sight
    get a second opinion, call a retailer
    money talks
    if its dish hd is on both the 61.5 and the 129 sats
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    :welcome to Satelliteguys!!! skidoomi
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    Forget rg6, rg11 would be better.
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