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Discussion in 'The DISH Forum' started by peteratowski, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I want to thank this website for keeping me up-to-date on all matters concerning the Dish Network. I have always received the help that I need from this site including the group referred to as DIRT. I had set aside the card I received from Dish concerning the AMC channels and really missed the start of the second season of "Hell on Wheels." Thanks to this site, I have now received my ROKU Player in three days and have just finished watching the first episode of the new season. I am ready for episode 2 this Sunday. I have been a Dish customer for over 15 years and never plan to leave. I support Ergen in fighting these big companies. I was really surprised that Dish came to my rescue with the player, the one time discount, the monthly reduction for 12 months, and the ability to now watch hundreds of new shows for free. Thank you SatelliteGuys and Dirt (for assistance in the past). :)

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  2. Scott Greczkowski

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    You're welcome! :)
  3. Sean Mota

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    Many times we hear so much negative comments about Dish but I think Dish did the unthinkable by giving away these gifts when they did not need to. I also benefited from this webswite information posed about the offers. Could not be any happier
  4. John Kotches

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    Great offers. Free Roku, money off the Bill and a discount to offset the cost of purchases @ Amazon.

    Guess each side is waiting for the other to blink.

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  5. Teehar

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    Great to hear that satguys helped and,that dish took care of you.
  6. KKlare

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    What has happened to my $10/mo credit for a year?
    I got the Roku and the first credit and now nothing, will call Monday.
    I did get a unasked-for PPV credit, why?

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