Satellite Net

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  1. Anyone interested in forming a satellite Net on HF or VHF repeater via EchoLink or ???

    Let's start a discussion on frequencies, formal / informal, how often, etc.

    With current propagation, probably be difficult to have a reliable HF NA net. Maybe some Elmers could weigh-in on HF options and times?

    I'm game for a weekly HF (40m) or a VHF repeater via EchoLink. Maybe start out as an informal check-in to test interest?
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  2. I will give it a try but a coast to coast QSO on HF is not a every day occurrence. I can do VHF and I have not been on Echolink in years.

    Basically I like 40 & 20 PSk31..
  3. Would love to do Echolink, but will not work on Hughesnet, as I am behind a CGN with HughesNet so no go there sadly.
    I use to use Echolink all the time and had even had two links set up on my repeater system.
    However, have not got to use it since 2005. :(

    Agree nation wide HF will not work without a lot of relays, however I am all for trying a 40 meter net and see how it goes.
  4. Pick a time and frequency and see if it would work, is anyone mid-country that can act as net control??