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Discussion in 'Free To Air (FTA) Discussion' started by akash188, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. akash188

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    i would like to know, How do i get Galaxy 19 in new york. i currenty have dish network dish installed.


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  2. wescopc

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    You will need a larger dish with a linear LNB, a KU band receiver and a clear view of the sky to the South West. You can go to - input your address and check the direction from your place and look for trees, buildings or other obstructions. For a receiver I would recommend the HDmicro from SatelliteAV (one of the sponsors here) they also have the 90cm dish that would be required. You can get a lot of help with the FAQ section -

    and by the way:welcome to Satellite Guys - we are here to help.
  3. akash188

    akash188 Thread Starter New Member

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    I have dishnetwork dish 500 will it work?
    for reciver what about sonic view 360p will it work also?
  4. phlatwound

    phlatwound FTA Bumpkin Pub Member / Supporter

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    Dishnet 500 dish will not work, it is too small and does not have the right type of LNBF.

    The Sonicview may work ok for 97w, as I think most of the channels on that sat are DVB-S and SD (don't think the SV 360 will do DVB-S2 or HD).

    wescopc had some good recommendations of what equipment will work in his post.
  5. FaT Air

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    The dish is on the small side, and would require modification to accept a linear LNBF. Neither of which is recommended for a 'freshman' . But with experience gained with recommended equipment, is often an experiment that many attempt, to see 'what it can get'.
    The receiver, sonic view 360p, would miss many on other satellites as it is not 'up to date' technology wise, but will work on most channels on G19. (All are DVB-S, and only a few use MPEG4, in the Ku band)
    Recommended dish width is 36 inches. (90cm)
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  6. johann12

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    Go to
    Enter your address and select your satellite. Dishpointer incorporates google maps and it will show you which way you have to point your dish.
    It will give you all coordinators you will need to point the dish.

    As a beginner the 500 dish is way to small and You would have to change the LNBF to a linear LNBF and to get the focal point right you would have to extend the arm also. I experimented with it and I only got a few channels with it pointing at 97W which has over 200 channels.
    You would need a bigger dish, the bigger the dish the stronger the signal. Recommended is a 36'' dish anything smaller and you may miss channels.

    Go to lyngsat to find out what is on this satellite. link to 97W
    5 digit transponder like 11842 = KU satellite/ for KU dish or smaller dishes.
    Yellow shaded with an F are free to air or FTA. Light blue would be HD.

    You have to have a direct free line to the satellite without any trees, building or objects in the way.
  7. Zero


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    May I know which channels are you interested in. I started FTA hobby for this sat and I came a long way from there. That time many Indian channels on this sat was FTA. But now they are encrypted. I say, if the channels you like are there or not, go for it. You will love FTA. And this forum is great and guys here will guide you through.. Good luck.

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