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    I ran across this old post and thought I would show mine. SCPC we used at the radio station some years back that brought in “Agri Ed Johnsons” farm report from OH for us every morning. I got it out today and powered it up to see if it still works and yes it does! I do not have a BUD to try it though; I really don’t think that there are satellites up there with the carriers for SCPC anymore.

    I just wonder though, maybe pointing to a C- band satellite and fine tuning all the channels for what might be surprised what might still be using the carrier! Maybe a project down the road I just thought if there are any Member engineers out there on the forums that might know if SCPC is still around. If not it could be used as a SETI Type receiver, there are plenty of noise coming out of the monitor jack!

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    I don't know and can't tell from your pictures, what it needs for an input.

    The old way of doing this was to use an FM radio (or a dedicated SCPC device) that had TV know....the FM band between 2-6 and 7-13?

    It needed to tune thru the 70mhz output from a sat they all had that in the good ole days. We don't see that nowadays.
    Another way, was on TP's that showed a big signal, but had no video (or audio).....was to send the VIDEO out into a general coverage HAM reciever and tune away....

    We do have IF Out.
    From my testing of this port (on a non-HD box) it contains 950-1450 block from the LNB for whatever polarity selected by the master box.
    My spectrum analyzer shows all 16 TP's on a 32 TP bird. The jack has no DC on it...and acts like a transfer switch when the main box is ON vs. OFF.
    On= no DC...16 TP's represented in a 950-1450 block.
    Off= able to loop DC 13-18vdc out to LNB (from slave box) thru same coax as master uses to LNB.
    I had pondered looping into an old box, and let it give me the 70mhz out?
    I have not tried using any of the aforementioned 'tuners' to it.....Yet.

    I am thinking it may be hard to tune a TP, that you did NOT get a 'lock' on though (FTA type box))....maybe the old box is the way to go?

    Let me know if you try it? good luck
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    OK..I looked at the BIG appears to BE capable of completely driving and tuning an old 70mhz LNA (not LNB) it has power to LNA (23vdc/grnd) has 70mhz OUT and RF IN....this is how the OLD 70mhz systems worked....DC to LNA=RF back then 70mhz version of that RF OUT. These types...(70mhz) tuned by voltage change and only 1 TP was returned.....NO Block of 950-1450..that was newer technology of the LNB...B=Block.

    If you turn it on and change channels I think you will see the 23vdc change as you change?...thus proving what I think?

    If proven, this is Totally incompatable with modern LNBF's or LNB's.
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    thanks for the pics. You know the receiver is old when it has an N connector input and needs 70 MHz in.

    Hook up an LNA and enjoy the the 2-5 remaining analog SCPC channels. :D

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